Icelandic horses in north Iceland

What riding tour should I choose in Iceland?

The Íslandshestar farmers are optimistic that the summer of 2021 will be the best one yet! We are fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to have so many great guests this summer but unfortunately many guests could not join because of Covid19. We believe that everybody is so ready to start living their best lives, travel and doing what makes them happy –  like going on a horseback riding tour with Íslandshestar in Iceland 🙂


Icelandic horses in north Iceland

In 2021 we offer a great selection of multi-day horseback riding tours in Iceland as usual and our most popular tours will of course be among them. So what horseback riding tour should you choose? The answer can be difficult. To choose the best match we recommend that you ask yourself these questions:

Horseback riding tour in South Iceland, North Iceland or Western part of Iceland.

Do I have a specific area in mind? Some of our guests would like to see specific parts of the country or specific places in Iceland. Lets say that you wanted to visit south Iceland. You could f.ex join our Golden Circle tour, Landmannalaugar tour or Thorsmörk Nature Reserve. If you would like tours in the north, we offer f.ex. Trail of Hope, Arctic Circle, Northern Exposure and Under the Mystique midnight sun. Riding tours in Snæfellsnes Peninsula in west Iceland are Snæfellsnes and Deluxe Beach ride. Traversing through Iceland from north to south or vise versa is very popular and has been for many years. Our famous Kjölur tour and the Kings Trail tour are great horseback riding tours to do so.

Mountain huts or farms.

Next question would be: What kind of accommodation would I like to stay in? While some of our guests would like to stay in a cozy farm stay, others want to experience the opposite and stay in mountain huts up in the highland away from civilization and move from one place to another each night. Our farm stay tours are f.ex Golden Circle, Trail of Hope, Arctic Circle and Snæfellsnes. Our tours we stay in mountain huts are  f.ex. Landmannalaugar, Kjölur and Kings Trail.

Horseback riding in Icelandic countryside or in the Highlands.

Would I like a countryside tour or a Highland tour? The highland tours are for more experienced riders and for those who are more adventure seeking. Our tours that take place in the Icelandic countryside are for riders who would like to experience a more comfortable ride but still adventurous ride. Our tours Trail of Hope, Golden Circle and Riding between rivers and Easy Ride in Icelandic nature are countryside tours. Our highland tours are: Northern Exposure, Kjölur, Landmanalaugar, Kings Trail and Arctic North.

Horseback riding tours for beginners or more experienced riders.

It is important to know what kind of an rider am I and for how many days would I like to ride? Our tours range from 2-8 days and we split our tours in few groups, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced riders. Its ideal to find a tour according to your riding ability so you can enjoy your tour the best. Our two days tours are for beginners and those who have not been riding for long. Beginners tours is f.ex. Riding between Rivers and Easy ride in Icelandic nature. Our intermediate tours are from 4-6 days f.ex. Golden Circle, Trail of Hope and Snæfellsnes. Advanced tours are 6-8 days and are f.ex. Arctic North, Kjölur, Landmannalaugar and Under the Mystique midnight sun.

If you need help to find the perfect tour for you, don´t hesitate contacting our riding tour expert Heiðdís: [email protected]