Discover the true essence of riding in Iceland!

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Iceland, Íslandshestar is a horse riding company that offers a genuine taste of Icelandic life. Owned by local farmers, this company combines tradition with equestrian charm to create memorable riding experiences for all.


The Heart of the Operation: Local Farmers
At Íslandshestar, the connection to the land runs deep. Owned by Icelandic farmers, the company’s approach is rooted in a love for the country and its traditions. These farmers bring a personal touch, making each ride an authentic journey through Iceland’s beauty.

Multi-Day Riding Tours: Immersive Adventures
Íslandshestar invites riders to explore Iceland’s diverse landscapes through their multi-day tours. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, these tours cater to all levels. Traverse volcanic fields, cross glacial rivers, and ride along the coastline—each tour is a unique adventure in the heart of nature.

Day Tours: A Snapshot of Icelandic Life
For those with limited time, Íslandshestar offers day tours starting from their farms. Picture starting your day on an Icelandic farm, saddling up, and venturing into landscapes that seem straight out of a storybook. These day tours provide a taste of Iceland’s beauty, accessible to all who seek few hours of horseback exploration.

Icelandic Horses: Trusty Companions
The Icelandic horses, known for their friendly nature and unique gaits, are the heart of the Íslandshestar experience. Well-trained and cared for, these horses become trusted companions on your journey through Iceland, fostering a deep connection between rider and horse. The farmers at Íslandshestar breed and train their horses with utmost care. These horses become cherished companions, endearing not only to the farmers but also capturing the hearts of the guests who often find themselves smitten with these gentle and well-cared-for creatures.

A Commitment to the Environment: Responsible Tourism
Íslandshestar values the Icelandic environment and practices sustainability in their operations. The company strives to leave a minimal footprint, sharing the beauty of Iceland while preserving it for future generations. Íslandshestar, with its local charm and passion for horses, offers a tranquil escape into the beauty of Iceland. Whether it’s a multi-day adventure or a day tour, saddle up with Íslandshestar to experience the simplicity and serenity of Icelandic life, one horse ride at a time.