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Horseback riding with Íslandshestar

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Embark on a journey like no other with Íslandshestar, where the passion for Icelandic horses meets the warmth of genuine hospitality. As summer approaches, the team at Íslandshestar, a farmer-owned company deeply connected to the land and its traditions, eagerly…

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The Icelandic Horse: A Majestic Breed with a Rich History

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Nestled in the heart of the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland, the Icelandic horse stands as a testament to the country’s unique cultural and historical heritage. Renowned for its strong build, friendly demeanor, and distinctive gaits, the Icelandic horse has captivated…

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Discover the true essence of riding in Iceland!

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Nestled in the serene landscapes of Iceland, Íslandshestar is a horse riding company that offers a genuine taste of Icelandic life. Owned by local farmers, this company combines tradition with equestrian charm to create memorable riding experiences for all.  

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Exploring Iceland’s Unique Horse Breed: The Icelandic Horse

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When you think of Iceland, stunning landscapes, geothermal wonders, and icy landscapes probably come to mind. But as you might know this extraordinary island is also home to a remarkable and distinct breed of horse – the Icelandic horse? These…

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Happy travelers

Excellent trip in Iceland, the best way to discover the country and its traditions! Fantastic and very professional team!

D.C. France.

This riding holiday was superb. The hosts Sophie and Hannes couldn’t have been more friendly. They were extremely knowledgeable about all things Iceland/Icelandic horse related. The accommodation and food were excellent. Pride of place were the Icelandic horses themselves. Such kind, honest, tough characters. Was great to experience the famous tölt – very smooth. Overall a great holiday and would LOVE to get back to do a summer tour… someday maybe…

NM.D. Great Britain

Perfect tour! Great staff, beautiful landscapes. Amazing horses, good food. I would definitely recommend it!

 M.O. Germany.