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Why go horseback riding in Iceland?

- Horseback riding in Iceland

Why go horseback riding in Iceland? There is a lot of reasons why our guests come all the way to Iceland to go horseback riding. We asked our guests why they went horseback riding in Iceland and made a little…

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Horseback riding in Iceland

- Horseback riding in Iceland

Horseback riding in Iceland is something you have to do at least once in a lifetime. To ride the Icelandic horse in Icelandic nature is the most authentic experience you can get. Here are a few thoughts from our farmer…

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The 13 Icelandic Yule Lads

- Horseback riding in Iceland

Arriving in Iceland in December has its own flair. Landing in Keflavik and taking the snowy road to Reykjavik in this beautiful and unique rose-bluish light brings even a grinch into a Christmas mood. But how celebrate Icelanders their Christmas?…

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The five Gaits of the Icelandic horse.

- Icelandic horse

The Icelandic horse is what is called a gaited breed, they have, unlike other breeds five gaits. Tölt and Flying pace are the gaits who make the Icelandic horse very special and desirable to ride.

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Happy travelers

Excellent trip in Iceland, the best way to discover the country and its traditions! Fantastic and very professional team!

D.C. France.

I really wish I would have done this trip sooner, this is truly a life changing experience and one you can´t describe until you try it your self! The horses, nature, hosts, and helpers were amazing. I 100% recommend all riders to ride with them!

L.E. Germany.

Perfect tour! Great staff, beautiful landscapes. Amazing horses, good food. I would definitely recommend it!

 M.O. Germany.