Snæfellsnes the Magical and Mysterious! On this tour you ride through Iceland’s most beautiful and gorgeous sights and you can experience the special gate Tölt on the long stretches of sandy beaches.

Dates 2024

  • June: 3 - 10 & 22 - 29
  • Aug: 3 - 10 & 17 - 24

Dates 2025

  • June: 7 -14 & 21 - 28
  • Aug: 9 - 16 & 23 - 30

The Snæfellsjökull National Park is where you find one of Iceland´s most beautiful and emblematic sights – the glacier-covered cone volcano Snæfellsjökull. This horseback riding tour in Snæfellsnes Iceland is definitely the best way to see the astonishing nature of the peninsula.  The mystery and spiritual aura of this still active volcano were made famous through Jules Verne’s novel Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Many of the great Sagas are located in this very area. Today the remote beauty and rich birdlife draw visitors from all over the world. The peninsula itself is often called “Iceland in a nutshell” because of its diversity of landscape.

Experiencing “tölt”, the unique extra gait of the Icelandic Horse is made easy for you on this tour when we follow good riding tracks. The long stretches of smooth sandy beaches make this tour a delight for both horses and riders.

This horseback riding tour takes us through a landscape of extensive lava fields, craters, and ash from ancient eruptions in Hítardalur valley. We also enjoy wide-open stretches of light-colored sand at Löngufjörur beach, where only the tide sets a limit to the freedom of horse and man. The impressive 50-meter deep crater Eldborg is a distinctive landmark, where the light sand turns black once you reach its lava field.


  • Individual travel insurance is not included in the tour price. We encourage clients to obtain relevant travel insurance before visiting Iceland.
  • Flight to and from Iceland is not included.
  • Bring bags rather than hardcover suitcases.
  • Pack light because transport space is limited.
  • Please bring high rubber boots for this ride.

Tour Highlights

Hraunholt Farm

A cozy farmhouse in the Snæfellsnes peninsula


ranks among the top salmon rivers of Iceland in an outstanding landscape of lava-fields covered in moss and birds

Löngufjörur beach

wide-open stretches of light-colored sand in the peninsula of Snæfellsnes

One horse on a light sand coloured beach in Snæfellsnes peninsula

Snæfellsnes peninsula

Snæfellsjökull National Park includes the glacier-covered cone and still active volcano Snæfellsjökull. Many of the great Sagas took place in this area. Remote beauty, rich birdlife, black and golden beaches as well as ocean and seals draw visitors from all over. The peninsula is often called “Iceland in a nutshell” because of its diverse landscape.

Snæfellsjökull Glacier

still active volcano and glacier-covered cone. The name translates snow mountain glacier and became famous with Jules Verne’s novel Journey to the Centre of the Earth


a natural pool wonderful to bath in with a temperature around 40 degrees celsius 

  1. Day 1.  Reykjavík – Hraunholt
    Pick up
     at BSÍ Bus station in Reykjavik at 18:00 where our Islandshesta bus will transfer you and your fellow riders to Hraunholt Farm, where horses and the family at Hraunholt are waiting for us. After a lovely introductory meal where we get to know each other, we relax and rest so we are well prepared for the adventure ahead of us. Overnight at Hraunholt.

  2. Day 2. Hraunholt – Kolviðarnes
    After an introduction to the Icelandic horse and its special gaits, we start our ride from Hraunholt and ride through fertile farmlands with lava on both sides. We cross the river Haffjarðará on our way to Kolviðarnes where our ride ends today. Over night at Hraunholt. Riding distance: approx. 23km.

    NB: Next three days we ride on Löngufjörur beach where timings depend on the tide. In some cases, we need to start the ride very early in the morning or in the afternoon.

  3. Day 3: Kolviðarnes to Gaul
    Experience the awe-inspiring coastal views as you ride from Kolviðarnes to Gaul along the shore. The sound of the calming waves and the sight of the vast ocean create a mesmerizing backdrop for your unforgettable journey. Allow yourself to be mesmerized by the beauty of the Icelandic coastline.

    Riding distance: approx. 28km.

  4. Day 4: Gaul to Kolviðarnes

    Embark on a return ride from Gaul to Kolviðarnes, tracing your path along the picturesque shore. Feel the invigorating sea breeze and witness the unique blend of lava fields and mountains on one side and the vast Atlantic Ocean on the other. Every moment is a reminder of the raw power of nature.

    Riding distance: approx. 28 km

  5. Day 5: Single-horse beach ride
    In a special experience, set out on a single-horse beach ride covering 18 km of scenic shoreline. Feel a deep connection with your majestic companion as you ride along the tranquil beach, absorbing the serenity of the surroundings. This intimate journey offers a unique perspective on the Icelandic landscape.

    Riding distance: approx. 18 km.

  6. Day 6: Kolviðarnes to Hraunholt

    Embark on a breathtaking ride from Kolviðarnes back to Hraunholt, winding your way through the rugged mountains and trails of the peninsula. Traverse diverse terrains, from roads to mountain paths, as you witness the untamed beauty of the Icelandic wilderness. Each moment is a testament to the indescribable charm of the home of the Icelandic horse.

    Riding distance: approx. 23 km.

  7. Day 7. Hraunholt – Countryside – Hraunholt

    On the last day, we choose our best horses and continue riding in an amazing landscape surrounded by lava, mountains, rivers, and lakes.  We will then ride our last part of the tour before we enjoy the farewell dinner at Hraunholt.

    Riding distance: approx. 15 km.

  8. Day 8. Hraunholt – Reykjavík
    Transfer back to BSÍ bus station in Reykjavík. Approx. Arrival 11:30

    – We reserve the right to alter the itinerary if necessary –

  • Bus transfer from Reykjavík to the farm
  • During the ride full board is provided. Our menu consists of a large breakfast and traditional Icelandic meals (fish or lamb). Vegetarian meals are available if requested when booking. All riders make their own packed lunch from the breakfast table.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not included in the tour price and are hard to get in the highlands. They can be bought at a reasonable price in the Duty-Free Store at Keflavik Airport upon arrival.
  • Rainwear, water bottle, saddle bag, riding helmet.

Hraunholt farm

A cozy farmhouse in the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

Here you can book your Flybus ticket to and from Reykjavík. The Flybus departs from Keflavík airport 35-40 minutes after each arrival. Busses are located right outside the terminal building. Book my ticket.

Terms & conditions:
Íslandshestar requests a confirmation payment upon booking of minimum 30% of the tour price. When the confirmation payment is received the seat is secure. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the tour departs. If you book the tour through the website the full amount is requested. Children’s under 12 years receive 25% discount on our multi-day tours.

Íslandshestar reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries or timetables without prior notice, should the necessity arise. No liability is accepted for loss or expenses due to delays or changes of arrival or departures of flights or other services, injury, sickness, accident, strikes, damage, negligence, weather, wars or other causes outside the control of Íslandshestar. All such losses and expenses are the personal liability of the traveller. The estimated duration of tours as indicated by km or timing can change according to road or weather conditions.

For more information please see also our Frequent Asked Questions and/or contact us at [email protected]


I really wish I would have done this trip sooner, this is truly a life changing experience and one you can´t describe until you try it your self! The horses, nature, hosts, and helpers were amazing. I 100% recommend all riders to ride with them!

L.E. Germany.

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