A mare's horse tail and her foal on the meadow

The Icelandic foals – How early can you see Tölt?

When traveling through Icelandic countryside you can see cute little foals in most fields. The foals usually are born in spring and early summer time after about 330-340 days long pregnancy or about 48 weeks.  It usually takes about 15-60 minutes for the foals to be born and they are able to stand up within one hour of being born.

A mare's horse tail and her foal on the meadow

Birth of Icelandic foals

The mare often gives birth during the night when she thinks that no one is watching. Even though the cute little foals are playful and run and jump around they always stay close to their mother. They usually breastfeed on average once per hour until they are about 9- 11 months old if they are not weaned from feeding earlier.

When can you see Tölt in Icelandic horses

The foals are usually very playful and run around all day. You can see early on, within the first year the special gait Tölt and Skeið (flying pace) when they run around and play. Not all foals show these gaits but those horses who do are easier to train for Tölt (when training starts) than other horses that don´t show Tölt when they are foals. It takes a bit more effort to train other horses for Tölt if they don´t show it within the first year. The foals are considered youngsters when they reach one year old and the first training starts when the horses are about 4 winters old. All Icelandic horses can be trained for Tölt!

The color change of foals

The Icelandic horse is known for its many and unique colors. The foals usually change colors when they are about 3-4 months old and can look totally different when they grow up.

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