the icelandic horse

What makes the Icelandic horse so special?

the icelandic horse

The Icelandic horse is a special breed for many reasons. Unlike most other horse breeds the Icelandic horse has remained pure for centuries!

The horses were brought to Iceland by the Vikings who settled here in the 9th century. The horses have not been mixed with other breeds since they were brought here and that makes them amongst the purest breeds in the world. The Vikings who brought the horses to Iceland surely picked the best and strongest horses out of the bunch. With time the horses got even tougher by surviving harsh environment and weather conditions. The survival of the fittest throughout the centuries made the Icelandic horses the strong and tough breed they are today.

The Icelandic horse played a big part in Icelanders lives in the old days. Some say that if there were not for the horses then living here in Iceland would have been unbearable. The horses made Icelanders lives much easier by carrying hey and heavy stuff around the farm and the people over rocky grounds and heavy rivers.

The Icelandic horses are known to be easy to train. They have the famous four-beat lateral gait Tölt which is probably what they are most famous for. They are kind and curious and have great characteristics which makes them a very desirable breed for both riding and breeding. They are also known for being sure-footed with strong legs because they are used to walking on rough terrain and rocky grounds and hillsides.

The Íslandshestar farmers are proud and happy to give other riders the opportunity to ride the Icelandic horse in Icelandic nature. The farmers think that everybody should get the change to try it out at least once in their lifetime. But they know as others who have ridden the Icelandic horse before that there is no turning back after trying it out!

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