A heard of horses passing a river

Horse riding in the summer of 2021

Now is the time to let go of 2020 and look forward to 2021! If you book now you will get a 10% early bird discount and if you won’t be able to ride with us because of COVID-19 restrictions you can get an full refund of your tour in 2021!

A heard of horses passing a river

Restrictions and Vaccine

This year has been challenging to say the least and we welcome a new year with new possibilities! We were very fortunate last summer to have so many guests joining us on our tours. We were very grateful for keeping our tours and operation going for the most part of the summer. For our guests who came riding with us we followed the Covid-19 regulation and that went really well so everybody was healthy and happy during the riding tour. We sensed the relief in our guests who joined us of being free in nature riding and far away from the Covid-19 crisis.

Full refund!

The Icelandic health authorities have signed an agreement with a vaccine manufacturer and it is estimated that the first dozes will arrive in Iceland in early January 2021. Other countries have signed the agreement as well and will begin the vaccination very soon. That gives us more hope that our tours will not be affected by Covid-19 in 2021. If you will not be able to join our 2021 summer tours due to restrictions regarding Covid-19 we are very flexible and will help you to find another departure or a tour without any cost or offer a Full refund! As last summer we will of course follow the Covid-19 regulations again to keep our guests, staff and horses safe and healthy.

Early booking discount ends soon!

We offer an early booking discount until the end of December so make sure you book your adventure now with the opportunity to get a full refund if affected by Covid-19.

Why you should go riding in 2021?

We could list so many reasons why you should join us in 2021 but so you wont get bored reading we will only list few of them 🙂

Five gaits
The Icelandic horse has so many great qualities. Lets just begin by pointing out that unlike other breeds they have 5 gaits, and amongst these gaits is the smooth and desirable gait Tölt.  This special gait is a four beat lateral gait and comes naturally for the Icelandic horse, and you can see the cute foals playing and running together using Tölt. Some horses are more Tölters than other and if your are riding that kind of horse it takes a bit of practice and patience to put the horse on Tölt. Just ask our farmer or guide how you should go about it.

Ride in unspoiled nature away from civilization.
Well… enough about the wonderful gait Tölt! Another thing is, by riding the Icelandic horse in Iceland you can get to places that you could not go by a car. On many of our tours we ride through unspoiled nature and go to natural sights that its hard to see otherwise. Icelandic nature is so diverse, magnificent and aw inspiring and we love to show foreign guests how magical our country is. And the best way is of course by riding the Icelandic horse. The horses are very sure footed and while you look at the picturesque landscape you can trust your horse to know his way through a difficult terrain.

Meet new friends
Now, while the year 2020 was hard enough being isolated and doing quarantine why not make 2021 the best one yet! We can´t find a better way to do that then to travel to Iceland, ride with our farmers and get to know people from all over and make friends for a lifetime. The most wonderful thing is when our guests become close and bonding.  The Icelandic horse is also a very friendly breed which we are sure you will fall in love with.

Our summer tours
We offer a great selection of riding tours for the summer of 2021 as usual and to help you choose the perfect tour we made a fun list for you to follow: See here.

Book your 2021 adventure online or email our riding tour expert Heiðdís if you need some help or if you have any questions: [email protected]

Happy holidays everyone!