Exploring Iceland’s Unique Horse Breed: The Icelandic Horse

When you think of Iceland, stunning landscapes, geothermal wonders, and icy landscapes probably come to mind. But as you might know this extraordinary island is also home to a remarkable and distinct breed of horse – the Icelandic horse? These unique equines are more than just a means of transportation; they are an integral part of Icelandic history, culture, and adventure. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of Icelandic horses and why riding them in Iceland is an experience like no other.


A Horse Unlike Any Other

Icelandic horses are like no other breed in the world. These sturdy and sure-footed creatures have been bred in isolation for over a thousand years, resulting in a breed that is well-suited to Iceland’s challenging terrain and unpredictable weather. Their compact size, strong build, and thick double coat make them perfectly adapted to the rugged conditions of the island.

Pure Icelandic Blood

One of the most fascinating aspects of Icelandic horses is their purity. Importing horses to Iceland is strictly prohibited, and once an Icelandic horse leaves the country, it cannot return. This stringent control has preserved the genetic purity of the breed, ensuring that every Icelandic horse can be traced back to its Viking ancestors. Each one is a living piece of history.

A Unique Fifth Gait: Tölt

The Icelandic horse is renowned for its special gait called “tölt.” Tölt is a smooth and swift four-beat gait that provides a nearly bounce-free ride. It’s as if you’re gliding over the landscape, which makes the riding experience incredibly comfortable and enjoyable.

A Riding Adventure in Iceland

Now that you know a bit about Icelandic horses, let’s talk about why riding them in Iceland is an experience you should not miss. Imagine yourself on the back of one of these incredible creatures, surrounded by Iceland’s natural beauty – from thundering waterfalls to vast lava fields, and dramatic glaciers. Riding an Icelandic horse allows you to explore the country at a leisurely pace, connecting with its landscape in a way that’s simply not possible from a car.

Choosing the Right Tour

When planning your Icelandic horse riding adventure, be sure to select a perfect tour for your riding ability and needs. Íslandshestar can take you on various trails that suit your riding ability, whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider. You’ll find options for day trips or multi-day journeys, each offering an opportunity to bond with these remarkable horses and immerse yourself in Iceland’s breathtaking scenery.

In Conclusion

Riding an Icelandic horse in Iceland is an experience that transcends the ordinary. These unique horses, deeply rooted in Icelandic history, are your trusted companions on a journey through one of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on the planet. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or a beginner, riding Icelandic horses in their homeland is an adventure you’ll cherish for a lifetime. So, saddle up, explore the beauty of Iceland, and create memories that will last forever.

If you’re ready to embark on your Icelandic horse riding adventure, contact us today to book an unforgettable experience!