Why go horseback riding in Iceland?

Why go horseback riding in Iceland?

There is a lot of reasons why our guests come all the way to Iceland to go horseback riding. We asked our guests why they went horseback riding in Iceland and made a little blog about why you should go horseback riding in Iceland.

Horseback riding in Iceland

The best reason to come horseback riding in Iceland is, of course, the unique and magnificent Icelandic horse. Our guests who own Icelandic horses abroad say that there is not possible to compare riding the Icelandic horse here in Iceland and abroad.

Ingela sais ”It was a dream. Going to Iceland and riding Icelandic horses in their right environment. It was a special kind of weather but amazing anyway. I just loved it”

A lifelong dream!

There is something authentic and unique to ride the Icelandic horse in its natural environment, where they were raised and walk on grounds that they are used to walk on. Some of our guests have had this lifelong dream to come horseback riding in Iceland and finally decided to come and were not disappointed.

Katie sais ”I dreamed about traveling to Iceland for over a decade to ride them. I finally made it happen after I turned 40 in the summer of 2018, saved up the money and picked a trip that traveled through the interior of the country, beginning in the south and traveling north on the ancient Kjolur trail. It was incredible and exceeded my expectations!”

Jutta sais ”I had read about it as a teenager. So I always kept it in mind, and finally, in my late 30s, when I could afford it, I went. And it was even better than I could have imagined! Such beautiful scenery! Explore it on horseback! In a nice group! The best combination ever 😍 Did Landmannalaugar in 2011. Time to come back!

Addictive to come horseback riding in Iceland

One of our guests said that she was only going to come once to Iceland to try horseback riding but she fell in love with the horses and country got the ”Icelandic fever” and has returned to Iceland to go horseback riding every year since that.  She is not the only one, through the years we have met and rode with lots of returning guests who come back whenever they get the chance to do so. For that, we are very grateful and happy that our guests love our tours and horses so much that they want to come back for more.

Feeling of freedom…

Our guests have often described that they get a feeling of freedom and a sense of belonging when they are horseback riding in Iceland and that is a feeling that they want to feel more and more and only get when they are riding the Icelandic horse in Icelandic nature.

Laura ”Had the best experience ever and I’m so grateful for that. I will never forget the group, love, and freedom I’ve felt that week. Miss the horses and the people”

Siw Helen said ”I HAVE to go every summer. I’ve always loved Iceland, but now I’m addicted. Iceland is a part of my soul. I can’t get the same sense of happiness, belonging, joy and fulfillment ANYWHERE else in the world. Horseback riding in Iceland is the best experience ever. The horses, nature, the farmers and the guides, it’s all FANTASTIC, every time”

Reasons to come horseback riding

The main reason to come horseback riding in Iceland is, of course, the Icelandic horse which we all love so much! The horses have been with the Icelandic people and helped us get by in a harsh environment since we settled here and we are so happy we can invite guests from all over the world the opportunity to come horseback riding in Iceland and experience something totally unique and special as we Icelanders have done with our national treasure the Icelandic horse.

The Icelandic nature has been described as breathtaking, spectacular, unique and astonishing and in every tour, we go to places that are the most impressive once in the area. The best way to see Icelandic nature is by riding the Icelandic horse. You can look all around you and soak in the breathtaking scenery around you while you let the horse guide the way through rough terrain.