What defines Íslandshestar?

Covid19 has pushed many of us to take a good look inwards in order to check on and clarify our top-priorities. There, we are no exception. As our highest priorities tend to define us, we would like to share ours with you.

Íslandshestar is owned by three families of farmers in three different areas around Iceland. In the north, north-east and south. Additionally Íslandshestar has a partner as well in the west part of the country. Although these four families offer a broad variety of highly versatile tours, their main focus lies on creating a joyful, unique and authentic experience for their guests that is unfound elsewhere.

Let us kindly explain how the framework of Íslandshestar reinforces that unique experience!

Íslandhestar’s four families of farmers who all run their tours from their homes have consciously chosen to attend the tours themselves. That way they are able to share their vast knowledge and deep passion with their guests who therefore become a part of the family and their joyful atmosphere during the tours. As the land of these respective families and farmers has been with them throughout generations, they know every little piece of every little tussock. They also possess a vast knowledge of their neighborhood, both the popular, well known places in the country and the most remote areas of the wilderness and highlands. Needless to mention, the traditions and culture that goes hand in hand with the farmer’s life and riding experience is also deeply engraved in their souls and DNA!

Each family of farmers owns around 150 – 200 horses which is considered quite a bit more than the average. These horses are both bred and tamed by the farmers and these horses join in during specific tours as a free running herd. Riding with such a large herd of free running horses in their own natural environment is simply an experience of a lifetime. However, besides the pure joy of it, it also has practical advantage both for the riders and the horses. It offers the possibility to change mounts regularly, to rest the horses, and for the riders to get to know and experience various and different individual characters of the Icelandic horse.

Íslandshestar believes that our farmer’s pure passion for sharing their deep knowledge on their horses, environment, traditions and life will without a doubt raise your experience to a whole new level.

We look forward to having you ride with us!