Volcano ride at Kálfhóll farm

Join our farmers at Kálfhóll farm in south Iceland near the Golden Circle on an adventurous day tour in the beautiful countryside surrounding the farm.




  • Every day at 10am

The tours start every day at 10:00 and are approx. 1 1/2 – 2 hours. This tour is perfect for beginners to experienced riders, families and riders who would love to ride the Icelandic horse in its natural surrounding. Please arrive timely for this tour no later than 09:50.

We will ride along the mighty river Þjórsá and get a great view of the powerful volcano Mountain Hekla while enjoying the southern countryside.

Our farmers breed and train their own horses so they know their horses like family members and will find a perfect horse for your riding ability.

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For further information or directions please call our farmer Hannes: +354 8467015

We will start this journey by saying hi to the beautiful horses, petting them, getting to know them a bit and saddling up. After this introduction to the horses, we will start by riding in the paddock for a few minutes before we head out to the beautiful countryside.

We ride part of an ancient riding track along the banks of Þjórsá river. This traditional bridle path lies all the way  up to Murneyri, where people used to gather from all parts of south Iceland and riding competitions were held in the old days. While riding, we will both witness the stunning view of the southern countryside and the magnificent volcano, Mt. Hekla.

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