Winter riding and Northern Lights

Enjoy visiting the best-known sights in Iceland, riding the Icelandic Horse along fine bridle paths and viewing a dazzling Northern Lights display after a great day in the saddle.

Dates 2022

  • October: 12- 15 & 19 - 22 & 26 - 29
  • November: 9 - 12 & 16 - 19
  • Desember: 7 - 10 & 14 - 17

Dates 2023

  • February: 28 - March 3rd
  • March: 7- 10 & 14 – 17 & 21 - 24 & 28 - 31
  • October: 10 - 13 & 17 - 20 & 24 – 27 & 31 – Nov 3rd
  • November: 7 - 10 & 14 - 17 & 21 – 24 & 28 – Dec 1
  • December: 5 - 8 & 12 - 15

Autumn and Winter Riding Adventure

Winter in Iceland means a countryside ablaze with color and the Northern Lights dancing in the Arctic night sky. Enjoy visiting the best-known sights in Iceland, riding the Icelandic Horse along fine bridle paths and viewing a dazzling Northern Lights display after a great day in the saddle. Riding during the wintertime is an Icelandic tradition and a wonderful experience.

We will take a tour and visit the Secret Lagoon where you can relax in the mineral-rich water. We will ride along the river Þjórsá and visit the Golden circle. During the riding days, “tölt”, the special gait of the Icelandic Horse will be introduced to you while riding on the river trails, made for tölting.

Get ready in the evenings to experience the unique tranquility of the Icelandic countryside and gaze skywards to perhaps see green-colored Northern Lights dancing above you (weather permitting).

The winter is as wonderful as it is unpredictable. Therefore we reserve the right to alter the itinerary if necessary due to the weather and light conditions.


• Individual travel insurance is not included in the tour price. We encourage clients to obtain relevant travel insurance before visiting Iceland.
• Flight to and from Iceland is not included.

Tour Highlights


Kálfhóll Farm

Hannes the farmer and family in Kálfhóll farm operate tours all over south Iceland, both in popular tourist places as well as in the most rural places in Iceland.



A glacier river with its source in Hofsjökull. It is the longest river in Iceland around 230 km.


Hekla volcano

Mount Hekla often titled the “Queen of Iceland” is a highly active fissure vent and a strato volcano in South Iceland. Its numerous and frequent eruptions have left a big coverage of tephra layers all around and produced a massive amount of lava. In the middle ages it was referred to as the Gateway to hell by Europeans.


Secret Lagoon

A natural pool in a geothermal area 38 – 40 celsius warm. Situated by the village Flúðir and within the Golden Circle route. Wonderful experience during all seasons.

Bathing in the natural pool Secret Lagoon

Geysir area

A famous geothermal area where the first documented hot spring Geysir in Europe is located. Geysir itself is rarely active lately but its smaller neighbours are highly active. Strokkur erupts every few minutes 20 – 40 meters high and Litli- Strokkur and Smiður are highly active as well.



Golden Waterfall is where Hvítá falls 32 meters in two stages before entering the canyon Gullfossgljúfur. Gullfoss is one of three main attraction of the most popular sightseeing route in Iceland, The Golden Circle.

Magnificent Gullfoss in summer

Þingvellir National Park

It is often referred to as the national shrine of Iceland. It is where the oldest existing parliament in the world was assembled. The geology of Þingvellir is spectacular. Almannagjá is a canyon formed between two tectonic continental plates drifting from each other.

This riding holiday was superb. The hosts Sophie and Hannes couldn't have been more friendly. They were extremely knowledgeable about all things Iceland/Icelandic horse related. The accommodation and food were excellent. Pride of place were the Icelandic horses themselves. Such kind, honest, tough characters. Was great to experience the famous tölt - very smooth. Overall a great holiday and would LOVE to get back to do a summer tour... someday maybe... M.D.-G.B.

  1. Wednesday: Reykjavík – River cabins at Kálfhóll

    Pick up at 18:00 from BSÍ bus station in Reykjavik. We drive to Kálfhóll farm where we will meet our guide and staff. We will stay at the River cabins at Kálfhóll farm and enjoy a delicious dinner at while getting to know our fellow riders and staff. We can enjoy the nice hot tub outside and look up into the sky for dazzling Northern Lights. Then get good night sleep before we start our ride the next day.

  2. Thursday: Kálfhóll Farm – Þjórsá – Secret Lagoon

    We will drive to the Farm Kálfhóll where our guide will introduce us to the Icelandic horse and its special gaits. This first riding day is a perfect way to get to know Icelandic winter riding in a relaxed atmosphere along the mighty river Þjórsá (the longest river in Iceland 212 km). We enjoy the southern countryside with an impressing view of mountain ranges, pastureland in its winter coat and the queen Hekla volcano watching over us in distance. After a magical day in the winter wonderland, we will go and visit the Secret Lagoon where you can relax in the mineral-rich water. Dinner will be served at Kálfhóll and afterward, you can take an evening stroll with your guide and host to look for the Northern Lights again. Overnight at River cabins. (Approx. 2 hours)

  3. Friday: Kálfhóll Farm – southern countryside  

    We start the day with a short ride in the winter fields by the farm before we have lunch. We ride through lava and moss-covered terrain and enjoy the view we have all around us. After a short break near the river, we saddle up again and head back through the beautiful countryside to Kálfhóll farm to have a lovely dinner. There is nothing better after a wonderful day in the saddle than to relax in the steamy hot tub, watching the clear sky and hope for the Northern Lights to show up. Overnight at River cabins. (Approx. 2-3 hours)

  4. Saturday: Kálfhóll – Þjórsá – Geysir – Gullfoss – Þingvellir

    After breakfast, we take our last ride along the Þjórsá river and take in the breathtaking winter pastures one last time. After a light lunch, we say goodbye to the horses and hop on to the bus to visit the Golden Circle, the three most impressive natural sights in South Iceland. Golden Circle consists of the Geysir geothermal area, golden waterfall Gullfoss and Thingvellir National Park. Geysir is a geothermal area with boiling mud pits, the lively geyser Strokkur which spouts water 30 meters into the air every few minutes. At Gullfoss, you will have a chance to witness the mighty waterfall, and you can feel the power from the water coming down the canyon as you stand near the cliffs. Then we drive to Thingvellir National Park and see an amazing nature and geological phenomena at Thingvellir. Since 2004 Thingvellir has been listed on UNESCO‘s World Heritage List for its geological the uniqueness and historical significance. We will be back in Reykjavík at approx: 18:00. (Approx. 2 hours)

    – We reserve the right to alter the itinerary if necessary –

  • Bus transfer from Reykjavík to the farm.
  • During the ride full board is provided. Our menu consists of a large breakfast and traditional Icelandic meals (fish or lamb). Vegetarian meals are available if requested when booking. All riders make their own packed lunch from the breakfast table.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not included in the tour price and are hard to get in the highlands. They can be bought at a reasonable price in the Duty-Free Store at Keflavik Airport upon arrival.
  • Rainwear, water bottle, saddle bag, riding helmet.

Here you can book your Flybus ticket to and from Reykjavík. The Flybus departs from Keflavík airport 35-40 minutes after each arrival. Busses are located right outside the terminal building. Book my ticket.

Terms & conditions:

Íslandshestar request a confirmation payment upon booking of minimum 30% of the tour price. When the confirmation payment is received the seat is secure. The remaining balance is due 6 weeks before the tour departs. If you book the tour through the website the full amount is requested.

Children’s under 12 years receive 25% discount on our multi-day tours.


Íslandshestar reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries or timetables without prior notice, should the necessity arise. No liability is accepted for loss or expenses due to delays or changes of arrival or departures of flights or other services, injury, sickness, accident, strikes, damage, negligence, weather, wars or other causes outside the control of Íslandshestar. All such losses and expenses are the personal liability of the traveler. The estimated duration of tours as indicated by km or timing can change according to road or weather conditions.

For more information please see also our Frequent Asked Questions and/or contact us at [email protected]


I really wish I would have done this trip sooner, this is truly a life changing experience and one you can´t describe until you try it your self! The horses, nature, hosts, and helpers were amazing. I 100% recommend all riders to ride with them!

L.E. Germany.

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