Horseback riding in Iceland

Why should you go horseback riding in Iceland? There are many reasons to go horseback riding in Iceland and here are only a few of many reasons to ride in Iceland.


The Icelandic horse

The first reason of all to go horseback riding in Iceland is the unique Icelandic horse. The Icelandic horse is a national gem to Icelanders. They were first brought here with the Vikings who settled here in Iceland in the 9th century. Since then they have developed with the Icelandic people along the centuries as their most useful servant, as they helped out at the farm and transported people between places. The Viking only took their best horses along to Iceland and only the strongest horses survived the harsh winters and unfavorable conditions in Iceland so the Icelandic breed is very tough and strong. The Icelandic horses are known to be very gentle with good temperament and big personalities. They are sure-footed, strong and sturdy even though they are small.



The Special gait Tölt

One of the most desirable reasons to come horseback riding in Iceland is the Icelandics horse’s unique gait Tölt. What is Tölt and why is it so desirable? We can answer that! The Icelandic horse is considered to be the only breed in the world that has five gaits. The unique gaits are Tölt and Flying pace. Tölt is a four-beat lateral gait, very smooth and comfortable gait. To demonstrate how comfortable the gait is riders often hold a glass full of water/beer while riding tölt to show that the water doesn´t spill. That’s how fluid tölt is. The reason why tölt is so smooth is that there is always one or more legs touching the ground and that is the advantage the Icelandic breed has over other breeds. The horses are very gracious when tölting and it is so amazing to watch how the rider stays perfectly still when the horse is tölting.


The characteristics of the Icelandic horse

The Icelandic horse is additionally very gentle and friendly. They have big characteristics which make them fun to get to know and ride. On most of our horseback riding tours we change horses two or three times per day and our guests usually end up choosing their most favorite horses they want to ride the most. It is so amazing to see our guests connecting to our horses and care so deeply about them. And the most wonderful thing is that our guests usually choose different horses as their favorite, so most of them become someone’s favorite. That is why we always say that there are no bad horses, only horses, and riders that don’t fit together. The horses are also very sturdy and sure-footed which is a perfect quality when horseback riding in Iceland since the grounds we ride on can be of all kinds, rocky, sandy, bumpy, and muddy.


Why go horseback riding in Iceland?

There are many other reasons to go horseback riding in Iceland. Some of our guests own their own Icelandic horses but dream of experiencing the Icelandic horse in its natural environment that has shaped the breed for centuries. Furthermore, they would like to go horseback riding in Iceland to see the extraordinary Icelandic nature. The best way to travel in Iceland is by a horse. While horseback riding you can go to places that no cars can go or are allowed to and focus on experiencing the landscape and nature all around you. Icelanders have been traveling that way since they first settled here and the horses have helped us get to places that we could not go before.



Nothing is more authentic than horseback riding in Iceland.

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