Viking women Trail

We have a tradition in Iceland –  women-only trips where Icelandic women ride together and bond without the guys. Now we wish to extend this adventure trip to our women around the world and make new friends.

Dates 2022

  • June: 15 - 20

As much that we appreciate the men in our lives, it can be good to get away from them from time to time. We have a tradition in Iceland –  women-only trips where Icelandic women ride together and bond without the guys. Now we wish to extend this adventure trip to our women around the world and make new friends.

This is a ride you can do on your own or with your girlfriends and a great way to meet new people. During the day, we ride and learn to work together and build trust. In the evenings, we share stories, sing and relax in the hot tub after a long day of adventure.

See amazing reviews about our guide Björk:
”If you want an amazing smooth tolt with well-schooled horses and an informative Icelandic Guide who is passionate about her country and horses this is the tour for you! I have had the opportunity to tour with Bjork twice and highly recommend this true Icelandic experience with tales of old, song and friendship! Tolt on! I have had a chance to preview part of next year’s tour and it is amazing! Hidden gorges beautiful waterfalls and much more”
Susan Kathleen Pride

See more about our guide Björk Jakobs.

  1. DAY 1. Reykjavík – Fossnes

    Pick up at BSÍ Bus station in Reykjavík at 17:00. Our bus will transfer you and your fellow riders to the farm Fossnes where your guide and the staff will be waiting for you. After a lovely meal where we get to know each other, we go in for a soak in the hot tub and rest so we are well prepared for the adventure to come.

    Accommodation: Bed and linen in 2-4 person rooms in Fossnes farm.

  2. DAY 2. Kálfhóll – Fossnes

    After breakfast, we drive down to farm Kalfholl where our adventure begins. After an introduction to the Icelandic horse and its special gaits and unique qualities, we begin our ride along the pleasant trail from Kalfholl up the green riverbank of the glacier river Thjorsa where we experience the beauty of the Icelandic countryside with its jagged mountain views. The volcano Hekla is silhouetted majestically against the sky and you breathe in the unmistakable aroma of fresh, wild heather. The lambs skip through the spring air and our stallion toss their mane-like the supermodel of the meadow. All this comes together to create the perfect day with the Icelandic horse in its natural environment. This is the perfect, relaxed atmosphere to get to know your horse and the Icelandic way of trail riding.

    After 3-4 hour of riding, we drive back 10 min to Fossnes where we grab some coffee and local goodies from our chef Elin, while the horses are herded by our staff to the farm. After a lovely dinner and a hot tub, it is time for a good night’s rest because the next day brings a 6-8 hour ride.

    Distance: Approximately 17 kilometers

    Accommodation: A bed with linen in 2-4 person rooms in Fossnes farm.

  3. DAY 3. Fossnes – Hólaskógur

    We start our ride from Fossnes farm. This is the first day we ride with the herd. It is a unique feeling to ride after the herd and see the Icelandic horses run free, as they have done for over 1000 years. We experience the great Icelandic horse gait “Tölt” through the fertile farmlands of the neighboring countryside. On soft riding trails, we increase the speed and experience the Icelandic “Fast Tölt”, which is the unique gait that has spread the fame of the Icelandic horses around the world. We then ride toward the Icelandic highland through the green and wonderful landscape of the south.

    On the way, we will see some spectacular sights like:

    Stong – the ruins of a real Viking settlement manor from the year 1000

    Gjain – a secret small valley with wonderful waterfalls, ponds and volcanic structures

    At the end of our day, we ride into the highland and arrive in the large mountain lodge Holaskogur, where both horses and riders will stay for the night. Our chef Elín, will be waiting for us with more coffee and Icelandic treats. After coffee and cake, we offer a drive up to the highest waterfall in Iceland – Haifoss

    Distance: Approximately 30 kilometers

    Accommodation: Sleeping bags in a shared sleeping area.

  4. DAY 4. Hólaskógur – Skarð – Hrólfstaðahellir

    We drive our spare horses along in a free-running herd, enabling us to change our mount regularly and travel at a brisk pace towards the old volcano Burfell, known as the gate to the highland. We then pass by the waterfall Thjofafoss (“Waterfall of Thieves”) — a name that refers to one of the many unpleasant ways the Vikings had of ridding themselves of people they didn’t like. After changing horses, we ride along the river Thjorsa on soft riding trails, through Icelandic forests (we do have some trees).  We stop for lunch at the ruins of an old farm and then ride back to civilization, crossing small rivers and farmland until we arrive at the Skard farmstead, where we leave our horses for the night. Bus transfer to the farm Hrolfstaðahellir, approx. 10 min drive. Now we are back to the luxury of beds with linens and hot tubs!

    Distance: Approximately 35 kilometer

    Accommodation: 2-4 people in a room in a renovated Icelandic farmhouse.

  5. DAY 5. Skarð – Hrolfstaðahellir

    After a lovely breakfast, we drive back to Skard and ride with our herd through farmlands with a view of volcanos Hekla and Eyjafjallajokull glacier

    (the one that erupted in 2010 and shut down air travel around Europe).

    We ride down to the river Ranga where we take a pleasant lunch break by an old sheep round-up enclosure (“réttir”). After lunch, we change horses and continue our ride along the great river Ranga, where sheep run wild and swans swim with their baby swans. After about a 4-5 hour ride, we return with our horses to Hrolfstaðahellir.

    Distance: Approximately 25 kilometers

    After coffee and cake, we drive to the local swimming pool and enjoy Icelanders’ number one family activity: swimming and soaking in warm water.

    Accommodation: 2-4 person in a room in Hrolfstaðahellir.

  6. DAY 6. Hrólfstaðahellir – Ásamyri – Country house – Reykjavík

    We ride from Hrolfstaðahellir through the county of Rangarvallasysla, which is home to many most famous breeding farms in Iceland and therefore also where you will find the best stallions and mares in the country. This is a perfect day to take a look at some of the exceptional stallions strutting their stuff for prize mares and future champion foals playing by their side.

    After approximately 30 kilometers we stop at farm Asamyri where we leave our herd behind and then ride the last 5 kilometers to a country house owned by the guide for refreshments and share tearful goodbyes before the bus arrives to take the group back to Reykjavík.

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